Therapeutic Roll-On Essential Oil Blends with a Purpose


Convenient pocket or purse size therapeutic essential oil blend roll-ons. See Blog page for a list of  mind, body and spirit benefits from various essential oils.  Choose from;
 Happyan uplifting combination of essential oils to restore happiness and calm.                                                             Breathe-excellent to open up nasal passages when you are suffering from a cold or allergies and for those who just   appreciate the calming, cooling and invigorating effects of eucalyptus.

 Happy Hippy-patchouli oil infused blend opens the base chakra, it is used for attraction, grounding, increasing physical   energy. It is also an aphrodisiac.

Bring it On-harnessing the many benefits of jasmine, this blend opens the sacral and heart chakras. Jasmine is widely used for depression. It builds confidence, dispels nervous tension. Jasmine is used to increase spirituality, compassion, forgiveness, attraction, optimism as well as an aphrodisiac! Who doesn’t need this, bring it on.

Energya citrusy uplifting blend incorporating lemongrass. Benefits include removing obstacles, encourages optimism, and helps to accept change with joy.

Calm- a blend including lavender, known for it’s many benefits including; balancing, calming, cooling, relaxing and soothing. It dispels anger, tension, depression, aggression, panic, hypersensitivity and hyperactivity. Excellent for skin abrasions and wounds as it helps promote new skin cell growth. Lavender balances the central nervous system, helps promote sleep. Lavender balances the chakras, stimulates the conscious and brings happiness and inspiration. 





The perfect size with a wide variety of benefits. Mood uplifting, calming, balancing, grounding, invigorating, quieting. Increase attraction, happiness, compassion, forgiveness, optimism and more.  33ml roll on bottles fit in your pocket or purse.


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