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Breathe in and let go of all the fears and anxiety that are holding you back. This therapeutic blend keeps you alert and focused, while calming your anxiety. Widely used by yoga instructors, they spray the room before class and sometimes a spritz to the face after class. Loved by students, travelers, teachers and moms.  May also be used to calm pets. For pets, spray on your hands and place hands in front of pet’s face while pet breathes in.  Available in a 2oz (airport approved) fine mist spray in either glass or pet plastic. 

Ingredients: Essential oils in distilled water. 

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A therapeutic combination of essential oils and distilled water in a convenient 2oz  fine mist spray bottle. This proprietary blend when breathed in works directly on your brain to release anxiety, tension, fears, nervous tension and more. Perfect for use when you are trying to accomplish some task, but are so anxious that you have trouble  focusing and functioning at your peak performance. Keeps you alert and focused, while calming your anxiety. Perfect for nervous travelers, stressed out mom’s, homework/studying, road rage awful bosses, any situation where you would prefer to be relaxed and focused. To use, you may close your eyes and mist onto face, apply to wrists and breath in, spray your immediate area.

Top users- student’s for studying, yoga teachers for spraying studio before class, yoga enthusiasts because they appreciate the benefits, those who enjoy meditation, teachers for their classrooms, mom’s because they are moms, travelers, workers annoyed with their co-workers or bosses and the rest of us.

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